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Obesity in Dogs

Dogs Obesity

A number of factors such as sedentary lifestyle and unfavorable climatic conditions for outdoor activities have resulted in as much as an estimated 30 percent of adult dogs to become overweight in North America. This is in direct correlation with the increasing instances of obesity in humans. Moreover, certain breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Pugs, and Beagles are more susceptible to obesity than other dogs. In fact, sedentary lifestyle causes further deterioration in the health of dog such as joint diseases, pancreatitis, respiratory disease, skin diseases, diabetes, cancers, heart problems, and various other health problems. However, a chronically sedentary lifestyle is making it increasingly easier for the people for the people to become obese and consequently their dogs.

Obesity in Dogs

Moderate increase in the weight of dogs can adversely affect their quality of health and lifespan. In fact, the lifespan of a dog can decrease by an estimated 15 percent in dogs which were moderately overweight only and not even obese, according to a study conducted by Purina. This trend is quite similar to the effects of obesity that humans suffer on their health and lifespan. Thus, canine obesity has emerged as one of the most common causes of problems in providing adequate nutrition in vet clinics across North America.

It becomes pertinent for the dog owners to keep an eye out considering the weight of their pets. This may not always be possible by merely looking at the pet because it can require closer attention for ascertain their weight properly. In fact, dogs with thick fluffy coat may turn out to be practically impossible to determine the weight by merely looking at them. Owners need to feel the ribs, and certain other part of the body of their pets including shoulder, spine, and hips.

Keeping track of their weight

In a healthy dog, it is possible to feel their ribs when touched from the side with ease. The owners need not dig their hands to find the ribs, which can be symptom of obesity in the dog. Moreover, they can determine whether their pets are overweight or not by conducting the BCS or Body Condition Score. Here, positive answer for any of a set of questions such as whether it is possible to feel various body parts of the dog means it is overweight.

Dog Grooming Singapore

Owners must take into consideration the healthy weight of their dog because it varies according to the breed. In fact, a weight 10 to 15 percent in excess of the ideal body weight indicated obesity. However, weight alone may not be sufficient enough as an indicator for determine obesity because size and frame varies widely with different breeds. However, the common excuse of a dog being big-boned cannot hide the fact that it is overweight and facing the risk of a premature death.

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