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Life Saving Commands

Life Saving Commands

Two of the most simple of commands can help you in practically saving your dog’s life without the need of spending extensive amount of time training them. The hectic lifestyle has made it virtually impossible for most dog owners to spend hours making their dogs work out, which is essential to prevent canine obesity that can significantly lower the lifespan of the pets.

Basic Pet Saving Commands

The two commands that can very well be lifesaving for the dogs are the Leave It and Drop It, which are extremely easy to teach without requiring extensive training. In fact, dog owners can teach both of these commands to their pets by instructing for a few minutes every day. These two commands can come in handy at various occasions to prevent your dog from eating rotten food, in addition to mouse and other poisoned materials, as well as, averting accidents by running into the path of a speeding vehicle.

Leave it and Drop it

You can teach your puppy the Leave It command by tempting them with various treats and then prompting them to show restraint upon you uttering the command. You can place treats such as your doggie’s favorite food item or a toy and then walk by it with your pet in tow. You ought to give a brief but distinctive tug whenever your pup tries to pick it up and speak out load the words Leave It. You need to remember that praising your puppy whenever it obeys the command will work as enthusiasm to it to obey your commands even more in the future. You can even reward your pet with treats for obeying you but simple pat and praise can work just as fine. However, you need to repeat this routine with patience for the pup to obey it every single time. You can also teach your puppy restraint by withholding a treat unless it stops sniffing upon hearing the Leave It command, and reward it later for obeying your command.

Another useful command is the Drop It command, which use you use to make your puppy drop unsafe items from its mouth. In fact, you teach this in an extremely simple manner by tempting your pup to drop any unwanted material it has picked up with any of its favorite treats. You can then praise your puppy when it drops the item upon hearing your command. You can also pamper it with a treat later on to encourage upon its obedience. You can also trick your puppy into dropping any unwanted material by eating or pretending to do so any of its favorite treats in a showy manner. You must not run after your dog for it will take it as a game. Rather, ignore it for a while and it will come to you when you can trade the unwanted item for a safe alternative.

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